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Anti-inflammatory activity of the flower extracts of Solanum nigrum in Rats.

Hygeia.J.D.Med.4(1), April 2012-October 2012,59-62

Authors:Elango V1, Carolin Oliver1 and Raghu PS2


 1.Dept of Siddha Medicine, Faculty of Sciences, Tamil university, Thanjavur-613010, (TN)

2. Mohammadia Institute of Pharmacy, Arambula, Khammam-507163,Andhra Pradesh, India.



Received: 29 December,2011,

Revised: 20 Jan.2012,

Accepted: 15 February,

Available online:5April 2012


Plan: Thepresent study was designed to investigate the anti inflammatory potential of theethanolic and aqueous extract of Solanum nigrum flowers.           

Methodology: Antiinflammatory activity was performed using cotton pellet granuloma in rats. Ethanolicand aqueous extracts of higher dose (300 mg/kg) exhibited maximum antiinflammatory activity.

Outcome: Extractsof Solanum nigrum may be useful in the treatment of inflammation and pain.

Key words: Anti-inflammatory activity, Solanum nigrum flower (SNF)

Article outline:

1. Intorduction

2. Materials and methods

3. Results and discussion

4. Conclusion

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