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Screening of Wrightia tinctoria leaves for Anti psoriatic activity

Hygeia.J.D.Med.4 (1), April2012-October 2012,73-78

Authors: Dhanabal SP*, Baskar Anand Raj , Muruganantham  N , Praveen TK , Raghu PS.1


Department of Phytopharmacy and Phytomedicine, (TIFAC CORE HD),  1.Dept. of Pharm. Chemistry, JSS Collegeof Pharmacy, Rocklands, Ootacamund - 643001, India, (A constituent college ofJSS University, Mysore).



Received: 29 November, 2011,

Revised: 20 December 2011,

Accepted: 15 December 2011,

Available online: 5 April 2012


PlanThe hydro alcoholic extract of Wrightia tinctoria leaves was evaluated for antipsoriatic activity by mouse tail test.

MethodologyAntipsoriatic activity was performed at a dose 200 mg/kg body weight in mice (25-30 g). Isoretinoic acid (0.5 mg/kg) was used as the standard. Degree of orthokeratosis, drug activity and the relative epidermal thicknesses were calculated and statistically analyzed. The extract was also evaluated for its antioxidant potential by DPPH, nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide radical scavenging assays.

OutcomeThe extract produced significant (p<0.01) degree of orthokeratosis compared to control and the drug activity was found to be 70.18%, which is more potent than the standard (57.43%).. The extract showed prominent antioxidant activity in all the assays. The present study concludes that the selected plant has antipsoriatic activity and can be used for psoriasis treatment. 

Key wordsPsoriasis, Wrightia tinctoria, Antioxidant, hydro alcoholic extract, Antipsoriatic activity.

Article outline:

1. Intorduction

2. Materials and methods

3. Results and discussion

4. Conclusion


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