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Pharmacognostical Evaluation on the leaves of Wrightia tinctoria (Roxb) R.Br.

Hygeia.J.D.Med.4 (1), April2012-October 2012, 104-111

Authors: S. Lakshmi Devi1* and  Madhu C. Divakar 2


1. College ofPharmacy, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Paramedical Sciences, 395, SarojiniNaidu Road, Coimbatore - 641 044, Tamil Nadu, India.
2. Crescent College of PharmaceuticalSciences Payangadi R.S. Post, Kannur, Kerala - 670 358, India.

Article history:

Received:29 November, 2011,
Revised:20 December 2011,
Accepted:3 February 2012,
Availableonline: 5 April 2012


Plan: A preliminary Pharmacognostical study on theleaves of Wrightia tinctoria (Roxb) R.Br.

Methodology: The Wrightia tinctoria (Roxb) R.Br., leaves were  collected dried  and studied to  determine various parameters of Pharmacognosticalstandards such as ash values, extractive values, phytochemical tests andmicroscopical characters of leaf powder. The shade dried powder and varioussolvent extracts (viz., methanol, 70% ethanol, aqueous, dichloromethane,chloroform, ethyl acetate and petroleum ether) have been analyzed for their phytoconstituents and fluorescence characters. The methanolic extract was found to contain presenceof triterpenes.

The data generated for the Pharmacognostical evaluation on Wrightia tinctoria leaves may beuseful   for establishing thestandardization protocols. The HPTLC analysis data indicated that the collectedWrightia tinctoria leaves contain 47.6mg of lupeol/ g of the total methanolicextract.

Key words:  Wrightia tinctoria.Pharmacognostical evaluation, Phytochemicaltests, HPTLC quantitation, lupeol

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