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Synthesis and Antimicrobial screening of some Novel Substituted Thiophenes

Hygeia.J.D.Med.4 (1), April2012-October 2012, 112-118

Authors: Mohammad Asif Iqbal C 1, Satyendra D 2*,Apurba T 2, Patel M1, Monika K1, GirishK 1, Mohan S 1, Saravanan J 1


   1. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, PES College ofPharmacy, Hanumanthnagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

 2.Assam down town University, Dept. of Pharmacy, Panikhati, Guwahati-26, Assam,India.



Received: 10 February, 2012,

Revised: 23 February, 2012,

Accepted: 10March, 2011,

Available online: 5 April 2012


Plan: To synthesize some novel2-amino thiophenes with various substitutions at 2-amino position for antibacterialand antifungal activity.

Prologue: Thiophenes containing organic compounds forms a significant group ofdrugs which exhibit an array of biological activities like anti-inflammatory,antibacterial, antifungal, anti-neoplastic, antiarthritic etc. Thus a series of new thiophenes havesynthesized with various substituents at 2-amino position and screened forantimicrobial activity.

Methodology: The parentcompound 2-amino-3-(N-furfuryl amido)-4, 5-dimethyl thiophene was synthesizedby condensing butan-2-one with furfurylcyano acetamide in presence of sulphurand diethylamine. It was then derivatized to various Schiff bases by reactingwith various substituted aromatic aldehydes. The synthesized new compounds werecharacterized by MP, TLC, IR, NMR and Mass spectra and were screened for theirantibacterial and antifungal activity by using Ampicillin and Miconazolenitrate as standard respectively.

Outcome: The compounds MAI-2e, MAI-2k, & MAI-2l showed potent antibacterialand MAI-2a, MAI-2c, MAI-2e, & MAI-2fshowed potent antifungal activity.

Keywords:  2-amino thiophenes,Schiff bases, Antimicrobial activity, S.aureus, B.subtilis, E.coli, K.pneumoniae

Article outline:

1. Intorduction

2. Experimental

3. Results and discussion



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