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Hygeia.J.D.Med.4 (1), April2012-October 2012

Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions: Patients to be involved or not?

Author: Shirley Samson Varughese

Affiliation:Senior Pharmacologist, Directorateof Pharmaceutical Affairs & Drug Control, Ministry Of Health, Muscat, Oman

    Article history:

Received: 19 February, 2012,

Accepted: 10March, 2011,

Available online: 5 April 2012


Medicines are designed to prevent or treat illnesses, or relieve symptoms. Any medicine can cause adverse reactions.  These reactions may not be discovered until many people have used the medicine over aperiod of time.  They can occasionally appear after a person has stopped taking a medicine as well.   Patients are no longer passive recipients ofdrug therapy instigated by medical professionals.  

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