Hygeia journal for drugs and medicines


Editorial - Efficient Method of Storage of Dry Herbs


Hygeia.J.D.Med.5(2) 2013

Herbs form the raw material for Ayurvedic medicinal products. Around 56,500 metric tons of medicinal herbs were exported from India during 2009-2010. The domestic traditional medicine industry consumes annually 177,000 metric tons of herbs.Additionally, 86,000 metric tons are used within Indian households. Therefore,the storage of herbs is an important subject.

Freshly dried herbs are very storage-sensitive products. Several factors are important in deciding the quality of dried and stored herbs.Because the dried herbs contain a large quantity of hydrophilic constituents like sugars, flavonoids, mucilage, choline and salts they are very hygroscopic products. Their moisture content can therefore,adopt the surrounding microclimatic conditions very quickly, absorbing moisture from the air in the stack or room very fast. .....

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