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Simultaneous Determination of Curcumin and Gefitinib in Pure Form by using UV Spectrophotometric Method

Hygeia.J.D.Med. 2017;9 (1):1-8


Sagar Savale

R. C. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Shirpur, 425405, MS, India

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Plan: Development and Validation of a method for the UV simultaneous determination of curcumin and Gefitinib.
Preface:  U.V Spectrophotometric method has been widely employed in the determination of individual components in a mixture or fixed dose combination.For the ternary mixture containing Curcumin and Gefitinib,  no spectrophotometric method for simultaneous evaluation has been reported so far.Thus our aim is to develop simultaneous equation method for estimation of the ternary mixture using U.V spectrophotometry.
MethodologyThe method was validated as per ICHguidelines. The recovery studies confirmed the accuracy and precision of the method.
Outcome: It was successfully applied for the analysis of the drug in bulk and could be effectively used for the routine analysis
Keywords: Curcumin, Gefitinib, simultaneous estimation, UV spectrophotometric method


Sagar Savale M.Pharm, Department of Pharmaceutics, R. C. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Shirpur, 425405,  MS, India. MobileNo: +91 9960885333,

Article HistoryReceived: 12 January 2017,   Revised: 9 February, 2017Accepted: 25 March 2017, Available online: 1 July 2017

Article citation

Sagar Savale.Simultaneous determination of curcumin and gefitinib in pure form by using the UVspectrophotometric method. Hygeia.J.D.Med 2017; 9(1):1-8. Available from http://www.hygeiajournal.com, DOI: 10.15254/H.J.D.Med.9.2017.160

FTIR Spectra of curcumin + Gefitinib


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