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Rational Prescribing of Omeprazole in a Government Hospital
Hygeia J. D. Med. Vol.1 (1) 2009, 14-16
(ISSN 0975 6221)

Type of Article 
Research Article

Siyad AR1*, Jeeva J2

1 Crescent College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Madayipara, Payangadi, Kannur, Kerala
2 Malik Deenar College of Pharmacy, Kasaragod


A drug utilization evaluation of Omeprazole was conducted in a 100 bed government hospital. Base line audit was done in selected wards of the hospital over 30 days, which identified 200 patients receiving Omeprazole. The main reasons for prescribing Omeprazole were prophylaxis against non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (70%) and pain in the epigastrium (16%). In 14% of the cases, the reasons for prescribing omeprazole were due to duodenal and gastric ulcer. A questionnaire on omeprazole usage was developed and the responses from all the doctors of the hospital were obtained. Guidelines for Omeprazole usage in the hospital were formed and officially circulated among the doctors in the hospital. Another 30 days audit was carried out in the same wards where base line audit was performed during which 117 inpatients were identified to be taking Omeprazole. Prophylactic use of non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs decreased to 40%. More than 18% reduction of overall inpatient Omeprazole usage was noticed during the study period compared to a similar period from the previous year. The program brought about rational changes in Omeprazole prescribing and awareness among doctors regarding the cost effective usage of drugs.

Keywords: Omeprazole, Government hospital, Rational therapy, Guidelines

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