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Design and in-vitro Evaluation of Gelatin Microspheres of Salbutamol Sulphate
Hygeia J. D. Med. Vol.1 (1) 2009, 17-20
(ISSN 0975 6221)

Type of Article 
Research Article

Suja .C. Jayan* , Sandeep A.V , Mohammed Rifash , Mareema .C.M , Shamseena. S.

Department of Pharmaceutics,Crescent College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Madayipara, Payangadi, Kannur, Kerala


In the present study, gelatin microspheres containing Salbutamol sulphate were prepared by coacervation phase separation method and characterized by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The microspheres were analyzed for drug entrapment, and in vitro release pattern. The different batches of microspheres were prepared by altering drug : polymer ratio and cross linking with glutaraldehyde The size of microspheres was in the range of 5.6m- 22.4 m and the average diameter was found to be 12.34 m. They were spherical in shape as evidenced by scanning electron microscopic photographs. The percent drug entrapment was up to 80% and they could sustain drug release over a period of 8 ½ hours.

Keywords: Salbutamol sulphate, microspheres, gelatin, glutaraldehyde.
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